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API errors

Your guide to decoding and resolving Finazon API errors

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Navigating API errors can be complex, but we're here to guide you through understanding and resolving these issues effectively.

Client errors


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The '{parameter_name}' parameter is missing or invalid.

This issue happens when the value you provided for the parameter is incorrect or invalid. To resolve this, check the API documentation for the required parameters and ensure they are included correctly in your API request.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The requested date range is invalid or unsupported.

Check the accepted date range format in the API documentation and adjust your request accordingly.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The ticker '{ticker}' you have specified is unrecognized or unsupported.

Ensure the ticker symbol you're requesting is correct and supported by the API.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The requested '{market}' market or exchange is not supported by the API.

Check the API documentation for supported markets and exchanges, and adjust your request.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The publisher '{publisher_name}' you have specified is unrecognized or unsupported.

Ensure the publisher you're referencing is correct and supported by the API.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: The server could not understand the request due to invalid syntax or a parameter that cannot be parsed.

To resolve this issue, ensure that you've correctly formatted your request and all included parameters. Check that the syntax matches the API's documentation exactly, and confirm that any parameters you're including are in the right format and of the expected type.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: Multiple instruments match the given '{parameter_name}' identifier. Add the 'ticker' or other parameter for a specific result.

Several instruments with different tickers can have the same identifier code. For example, the iShares CIK code 1100663 covers multiple ETFs like IVV, IXN, OEF, and more. To refine your search, please specify the desired instrument ticker or other parameter.


  • Status: 400

  • Message: Invalid '{parameter_name}' identifier. This might be due to a typo error or a '{parameter_name}' not recognized by Finazon. If the problem continues, please reach out to our support team.

While we strive to encompass all identifiers, occasionally, one might slip through. If you're confident the provided code is correct, please let our support team know, and we'll address the oversight.


  • Status: 401

  • Message: You are not authorized to access the requested endpoint or you have insufficient permissions.

Please make sure you're providing the correct API key and that your account has the necessary permissions to access the requested endpoint or dataset.


  • Status: 401

  • Message: The provided API key is invalid or has expired.

This error happens when the API key provided in the request is incorrect or has expired. Make sure to provide a valid API key.


  • Status: 404

  • Message: The requested endpoint '{endpoint_name}' does not exist or could not be found.

Please check the API documentation and ensure that the endpoint you're trying to access is correct.


  • Status: 408

  • Message: The request took too long to complete and timed out.

Try reducing the complexity of your query or trying again later.


  • Status: 429

  • Message: Your number of API calls ({calls_made}) has exceeded your plan limit ({calls_allocated}) within the current minute.

This error signifies that you have made more API requests than allowed by your plan in a given minute. Consider upgrading your plan or optimizing your API calls to fit within your plan's limits.


  • Status: 429

  • Message: Your number of historical API calls ({calls_made}) has exceeded your plan limit ({calls_allocated}) within the current day.

This error occurs when your historical API requests exceed your current plan's limit. To resolve this, consider upgrading your plan or managing your API calls to stay within your plan's limits.

Server errors


  • Status: 500

  • Message: An error occurred on the server side while processing the request.

Please try again later or contact support if the issue persists.


  • Status: 503

  • Message: The requested data is temporarily unavailable or not supported.

Please verify the availability of the data or try again later.

Remember, if you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is always ready to help!

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